Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Go Native!

Happy hump day loves!!! I'm so excited to share this amazing all natural deodorant brand with you. While I thought my body needed time to adjust to this pleasant Tea Tree & Sage scent, I noticed on the second day of wearing, it was all good!

Note: This is a Spring scent and limited edition

It helps that I live a very healthy lifestyle, so as far as going through a natural detoxification period, it wasn't necessary. It matters folks, from the inside out what we put into our bodies. For me, this deodorant lasts 24 hrs and then some.....believe me, I do sweat! It's been over 100 degrees here in Sacramento, CA and sweating I have done packed!

This is paraben and aluminum free. If you happen to apply too much under your arms, just rub it in and you're all good. It's extremely moisturizing and reduces any wetness you may have as well. So, let me tell y'all how I ran out on the third day forgetting to put on deodorant altogether....yeah, tell me about it! I ran errands, mommy duties all day, the whole nine. Returned home and still smelled fresh with nothing more than my Tory Burch perfume. No funkyness, nope....nada! I was tripping out all day, expecting to smell pretty funky. LOL

This deodorant will definitely be my go to! The ingredient of baking soda seriously neutralizes any foul odor. I could never skip a day with any of my previous natural deodorants. I finally have the right one! You can too at Next, it's on to Coconut & Vanilla, ooooo or Lavender & Rose! There's several scents to choose from. What's even better, you can get 10% off until 9/1/17 with my code SOAA10. Happy shopping!

Peace & Love


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