Monday, April 10, 2017

F21 Flower Duster- Poshmark

Happy Monday loves! I was finally able to pull out this gorgeous flower duster + back out jumpsuit with cape. This outfit is dressy casual and very comfortable. Main reason I paired these bow knot slides along with it. A pair of high heels would give this a whole different look.

This Duster is lightweight and the splits on the sides give it that flowy look. The zippers along the arms gave that much more detail. This jumpsuit sold me with these wings. Of course I couldn't pass up a little skin action in the process. These slides also come in silver and are less that $25 on

These days, it's a bit of a challenge deciding on what to wear with this unpredictable weather. I catch the days as they come. It's always a good idea to layer up when it's cold. Where I live, by the afternoon, I'm pulling off a layer here and there. You just never know. Have a fab week y'all!!!

flower duster (F21)- Poshmark, jumpsuit with cape- H&M (last season), bow knot slides- Charlotte Russe

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