Monday, March 6, 2017

REVOMAX (Vacuum Insulated Flask) - Review

Happy Monday loves! Water, coffee, tea, yes please! I had the opportunity to review this amazing vacuum insulated flask and purple is my FAVORITE color. Winning! This bottle can hold 20 oz, of beverage for your next run, walk, biking, gym run, or just carry it with you to work, errands, or at your leisure.

It has a twist free cap with a lock ring and release button. All major key, considering all of the tops that I've had to use all force to open or have spilled trying to open while managing something else. One hand just pops it right off and right back on. It's BPA free with a silicone rubber seal.

Now, for the most important part. If you want to carry cold water, iced tea, or even iced coffee, this baby will keep your beverage cold for up to 36 hours. Hot tea and coffee stays exactly that way for up to 18 hours. So, if your expecting your morning pick me up to cool off while driving, think again! Hours later, it'll still be hot so be mindful of that and pack a hot beverage that's extra warm, almost hot to sip and enjoy. 

This flask is the best thing ever! I've indulged fro everything tea, to water and my chicory coffee.

  • cap free design
  • open/lock with one hand
  • durable powder coated exterior
  • flavor isn't compromised
  • fits most cup holders
  • double-wall vacuum insulation
  • enhanced energy retention due to double seal and energy reflection layer Available in 12oz ($19.99) and 20 oz ($24.99)

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