Friday, February 24, 2017

Style is Very Personal......Own It!

Happy Friday loves!!! Blinked twice and this week is to an end. Wanted to wrap this week up with a look of pieces I've worn at different times throughout the seasons. That's the fabulous thing about style, it's YOURS to do as you will! Werk what you got, how you want and own it!

I love to mix pieces all the time! Oh, and I rock it with a whole new feel. It's just that simple. Add items to simple pieces that will spice it up a bit, while giving it a completely different look.

This Boyfriend Coat will not go out of style. It's the key piece I built my entire look around. Added a simple long sleeve printed button up, faux leather pants, fishnet thigh high stockings, leopard heels to funk it up a bit and a knit turban. These clear lenses just add to it all, while carrying my new favorite bag. Ladies, check out Groupon for a hell of a steal on purses and bags! Got this baby for less than 25 bucks! Yep!

Everything was in my wardrobe. I say that to say, you have many options with what you already have. It's all about the execution. Try it! I promise your account will thank you! ( ;
Have a blessed weekend lovelies!

Boyfriend Coat, button up- New Look, Faux Leather Pants- H&M, Leapord Print Heels- Guess by Guess, knit turban- Aldo (old purchases)
Oversize Retro Cat Clear Lens (taupe) #166970- Sunglass Spot
Elena Satchel Handbag 2 piece- Groupon

Peace & Love

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