Monday, December 12, 2016

iRestore Hair Growth Serum- Review

Happy Monday loves! iRestore is an advanced thickening formula with Redensyl & Vitamin E. This serum is clinically proven to increase the fullness of your hair. The molecules reactivate hair stem cells while nourishing hair follicles to promote optimal hair growth.

I used this serum on a small section on the right edge of my head. This section I styled about 7 years ago by shaving the right side my hair down real low. After growing back in fully and wearing braids for a short time afterwards, my edge never fully grew back in. Blame it on those braids!

I have tried many things to restore my hair growth in this area that did not make much of a difference.
The serum is in a nice gel form which I love and is easily distributed with a dropper.

Before using serum

I use this day and night, as suggested, massage a little into this area of hair loss each day. After 30 days, I haven't noticed much of a difference. I guess I am one of those that will literally require use for the full 3 months to actually get the visible results if even at all. So, I will continue to the end and check back thereafter.

You never know what will work until you try it. So, all natural, healthy hair vitamins will be next on my list. I'll continue to work from the inside out and see where that gets me. Wish me luck!

Peace & Love

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