Sunday, December 18, 2016

How I do Tea....

Hey loves! This beautiful Primula blue cast iron teapot is my go to whenever I prepare tea. It was gifted to me by my sister months ago. It steeps the perfect cup of loose leaf tea and I also use herbal teabags. Perfect for more than one cup. If I fill, I can get 3-4 cups in  these mugs pictured here.

The lose leaf Earl Grey Vanilla is so fragrant and almost too damn pretty to use. The flavor is amazing! Also one of my favorites.This particular blend was purchased from My mini loves herbal tea as much as I do, so this gets quite a bit of use.

I will unwind with a nice cup, and also drink after my morning/evening meditation. It adds to a peaceful state I create for myself. As we all know, tea can be enjoyed anytime of any day. Pictured below is my blend of nettle leaf, sage and lavender.

There's so many combinations I use and create that I will share real soon with you all. You can find this tea pot and many other amazing items at, also on Amazon.

See, I'm not always coffee! Lol Happy sipping!

Peace & Love

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