Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Limited, New Fragrance Collection- Simply Modern (Fleur)

Hey loves! The Limited has announced a new fragrance Collection called Simply Modern. This one is Simply Modern and it smells divine! I immediately fell in love. Even both of my sons asked what I was wearing and said I smell good! Christmas is approaching (hope they're reading this) and what a lovely gift this particular fragrance would be! *wink *wink

So, now I'm smelling like delicate, beautiful sweet magnolias with a hint of bergamot and creamy wood scents. It's so captivating, yet very romantic. I'm not fond of overpowering, cologne smelling scents so this one fits my personality to the tee!

This will make heads turn and smile as you pass by.....or maybe that's just me! ( ;

Happy holidays loves and have a beautiful evening!

Peace & Love

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