Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Refreshing Taste of INVO Coconut Water - (Review)

Good morning loves!! Let me tell you about this coconut water! Yes, y'all know I love everything coconut but this isn't just any store bought coconut water, it's cold crafted to give you the best natural taste with all it's nutrients!

HPP, which stands for High Pressure Processing, is a cold pasteurization technique, which Invo has named cold-crafting. That means their product is never heated! Besides holding the 5 electrolytes to keep you hydrated, the taste is quite refreshing. I love it! It's like your sipping through a straw, straight out of a fresh coconut!

Although we have cold months ahead of us, I live for my smoothies & smoothie bowls. Adding Invo will liven the up that much more!

When I received these bottles, they were packaged to perfection! Inside a cooling pack with re-usable cold packs enclosed, thanks Invo! Recycle, reuse is always my motto! Although perishable, there was never a problem sending this out to me from NY, NY.

I say this because, previously I had a company (we won't mention any name) contact me for a review but wanted me to run around town to get the coconut waters myself with coupons. The reason given not to send them to me was because the water was "perishable". Ugh! How many perishable items are shipped to and fro all the time?? I'll wait........Well, okay then! NOT INTERESTED! I mean they blew my emails up like I owed them money! Well, enough of that!

Invo is the real deal, the taste and communication effort was impeccable! These babies were shipped right out to me and I was ever so grateful! I had just ran out of my previous water so to try something new and totally different from the norm was amazing! I can't wait to order a case of these! Thanks again Invo, specifically you Dominique! *wink

* available online soon
currently sold at Wegmans, select Whole Foods and National Retailers

Peace & Love

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