Monday, September 5, 2016

EASE ing Into Monday (Review)

Happy Monday loves! I have to share this AMAZING spray with you! I was fortunate to receive and review this all natural Magnesium spray founded by health expert Ian Clark (CEO). EASE Magnesium absorbs throughout your body instantly. Magnesium facilitates nutrient absorption. It keeps your heart beating regularly, your muscles and nervous system working properly. It supports a healthy immune system, regulates blood sugar levels and helps maintain strong bones and teeth. Aids in digestion, reduces discomfort of PMS and improves your sleep cycle.

"Magnesium deficiency can cause a myriad of health issues including aches, pains muscle and joint stiffness, stress anxiety, poor digestion, low quality sleep and restricted mental clarity and focus. Ease works to sustain proper magnesium levels to help combat the above issues."

I've used this spray now for a couple of weeks, several sprays throughout the day. I must say, it has made my discomforts seem so minimal to none. I suffer from lower back pain, arthritis pain in my hands, knee pain, anxiety and insomnia. I have used everywhere, including my stomach for the occasional stomach cramps.

The magnesium absorbs immediately and I feel so good, I hadn't focused on the fact that my aches and pains had subsided. So, I had to make sure to monitor myself after every use thereafter. I definitely have been enjoying some of the most restful sleep, accompanied by my lavender spray I've used on my pillow each night for some time. This did EASE my pain quite a bit!

I'm not experiencing the pains I were before which were keeping me from doing quite a bit. I actually went running for the first time in...... I can't even remember! Now if only this could help me catch my breath and breathe easy, that would be something else! Lol I guess I just gotta get my butt back into shape.

Now, the one thing I dislike is having to use so many sprays in a day. It's suggested to use about 30-40 sprays daily. That's excessive, especially if your out during the day. Depending on your pain level, you would benefit from carrying the travel size in your purse or car, and keeping one at the workplace.

I suggest this spray for everyone! It's the most natural (ultra-purified water + magnesium chloride) supplement that you can use to assist in much happier days, with less pain to keep you down. Check out the link I provided below and as always, do your own research before using anything you may not be familiar with. Have a beautiful day loves!!

Peace & Love

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