Saturday, September 10, 2016

Argan Woman (Review)

Hello loves! I was sent this Argan Dryer AW4600 Turbo by Argan Woman to review. I'm an absolute stickler for great packaging and it comes in a perfect box with all the pieces in their very own compartment. Inside the box you have 1 Argan Oil Infused Nozzle, 6 cm Concentrator Nozzle, 8 cm Concentrator Nozzle, and 5 ml Argan Woman Diamond Oil (3 units).

Now, it took me a minute to figure out the Argan Oil Integrated nozzle. When I say figure it out, I mean by getting the Argan Diamond Oil bottle to stay put without wasting oil everywhere. The smell of course is DIVINE! I love all Argan Oil produts I've tried in the past and this is another one I can add to my list of oils.

The power is 120V which is great with multiple heat settings,ceramic & ionic, high heat, cold shot and ergonomic design number of 2 speeds. The matte finish is such a fab look! On top of that, The cord is long which I LOVE! It's nothing like a short cord pulling out of the wall socket.

I must say, I haven't applied heat to my hair in over a year or more, so I was a quite excited to give this a go! Although it states "for all hair types", this natural gal with 4b, 4c hair ain't gone cut it! I need a comb attachment, point blank period. I even attempted to use on my daughters hair which is straight up 4c. Nope! It was pretty much impossible to brush through with one hand (without snatching our brains out), while blow drying with the other. Did I say, we need a comb attachment?!

For that reason alone, I was a bit disappointed. I was actually excited to switch up my fro and wear my hair blow dried straight for a bit. So, I will definitely re-visit once again when I find a good comb attachment to go with.

Peace & Love

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