Thursday, September 15, 2016

Are You Running with SABRE?

Hey loves! I wanted to share these products with you by SABRE. SABRE is the #1 Pepper Spray company trusted worldwide. With more products on the market for safety precautions, there's more ways to protect yourself should anything ever happen. Too much transpires in this crazy world and being safe whilst out enjoying a morning or evening run, walk or exercise takes precedence over everything. If there's something that I can carry on my person to save my life when I'm outdoors trying to live healthy & happy......COUNT me in!!

The Runner Personal Alarm with adjustable wrist strap, helps athletes to dissuade any danger or cause of emergency. The alarm is audible up to 1,000 feet with a continuous sound once the metal ring is pulled and activated. Once the pin is reinserted, the sound stops and the Runner Alarm can be used again thereafter, I love the adjustable weatherproof wrist strap with the reflective logo.

This Pepper Gel "Duathlete" is designed with a reflective band and adjustable arm strap. Pretty cool right! Perfect for running or cycling. The Pepper Gel also has a UV Marking Dye. These are great ideas to keep in mind for a college student, even a young woman such as my very own daughter who travels home in the evening from work.

This Pepper Gel "The Runner" reduces wind blow back, safe to use indoors and has 35 bursts. Up to 5x more than other brands. So, very convenient for us women all around! I hope you all take heed and protect yourself in one way or another. Safety first!

Peace & Love

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