Monday, August 1, 2016

Nubian Heritage - Review

Hey loves!!! It's Monday, and I have some fabulous goodies to share with you all! These products by Nubian Heritage were sent to me, and let me start by saying, they all smell AMAZING!!!!! I mean, I still can't get over how damn good I smell after using the Patchouli & Buriti Body Wash Toning & Uplifting with the Body Souffle Toning & Uplifting. Both made with Rosehips. Even my 7 year old daughter got her little hands on my body wash, to "smell like you mommy"! Can't enjoy anything by myself y'all!

The fragrance is not over powering at all. I knew I would love one of my all time  favorite scents which is Patchouli.These are all natural products, so you can imagine the extent of lovely ingredients they hold. Our skin felt remarkably moisturized. Soft as a baby's bottom! Leaving our bodies feeling so renewed in every sense of the word. Had to remind my little one that she has her own natural body products and to not make this particular set a habit! She just laughed, as if I told the best joke ever.....I'm so serious though!

Now for these 24 Hour Natural Deodorants....each one is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! The mild scents are fantastic and they do last as they say. I've used a couple of other all natural, aluminum free deodorants (Toms of Maine & JASON) prior to and they DID NOT  live up to there 24 Hour wear. I found that I would NEED to reapply midday. Who needs to reapply deodorant! Yeah, well I wasn't pleased with that. So, unlike those unfortunate purchases, I put this on in the morning, and it lasts throughout the day. I sweat, a lot! Yet no funky pits over here! My favorite is Coconut & Papaya, then Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver, followed by Abyssinian Oil & Chia Seed. In that order!

These will definitely be on my list from now on! I couldn't be more pleased! Check them out loves and support our black owned businesses! You will not be disappointed. Have a wonderful week ahead loves!

ULTA is showcasing the new packaging of this product, displayed on the link below. Happy shopping! ;) 

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