Monday, August 22, 2016

Mo Betta' Blues

Happy Monday loves!!! This weekend was so relaxing, just chill all the way. So much cooler, that alone put me in a better mood. At least for awhile before this afternoon hits! Lol
So, I pulled out this simple, beautiful, off one shoulder dress a friend of mine made for me years ago. She's amazing with her hands and I totally forgot about this piece.

It's so soft and fits perfectly! This dress hits all the right places. Blue is a color I don't wear often, but when I do, the statement is clear. I'm so appreciative to her for creating such a special dress for me! Now, I must see if she's still sewing so I can put y'all on to her! ; )

Paired this with a black oversize fedora, black chunky heel sandals and tossed in a little color with a burgundy bag. Kept it simple with silver accessories and called it a day! I'm so minimal and don't think for a second it takes away from your style! I think it adds to the main piece your wearing, which is clearly this bomb blue dress. Have a fab week y'all!

Peace & Love

dress- handmade, fedora, double zipper clutch- F21, sandals- ebay (Bella Marie)

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