Saturday, August 13, 2016

Leaner Creamer Artisanal Coffee Blends - Review

Gooooood morning loves!!! I was ecstatic to conduct a review for Leaner Creamer Artisanal Coffee Blends. The world's first all-natural powdered creamer. Leaner Creamer is a family owned company based in Los Angeles. Anyone who knows me, is very aware of my LOVE for a great Cuppa Joe! I mean let me tell you....the moment I opened each bag to smell the grounds, I was very pleased.

The first day I brewed "Tiffany's Breakfast", which is light complex roast with milk chocolate, caramel & cedar warmth. This blend is yummy, with every bit of flavor it stands for. The aroma is light with hints of chocolate & caramel.

Now, I enjoyed it yet again on the second day. For my third day, I enjoyed "Veronica's Brew". Hands down, this one is my favorite! I am all about the dark roast blends! This is a divine dark roast with hints of sinful dark chocolate, hazelnut & burnt brown sugar. Woke my palette right on up! Both so delicious and so smooth.

In both blends, I added the all natural coffee creamer Leaner Creamer. This is a dietary supplement (a healthy complement to your cup of coffee that suppresses appetite and promotes healthy weight management. It was indeed a yummy addition to my cup. Nothing like I've ever tasted. Usually I'm almond milk, and coconut sugar. Sometimes a big dollop of coconut cream and I begin my day. This powdered creamer is smooth, no clumping and no weird after taste.

It does the job as far as suppressing my appetite as well. I don't find myself doing all of that extra snacking in between breakfast/lunch. I have a light lunch and feel quite fulfilled throughout my day.

Definitely great new additions to my pantry! Thanks guys!!! Mornings with coffee are just got a bit more interesting! ;) You can find these at
Have a beautiful weekend y'all!!!

Tiffany's Brew Origins: Brazil, Columbia, El Salvador
Veronica's Brew Origins: Brazil, Columbia, Nicaragua

Peace & love

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