Friday, June 24, 2016

What You Don't Know About Turquoise

Happy Friday loves!!! I want to share a couple of my beautiful Turquoise pieces with you. These in particular were special gifts from my eldest daughter. She's the most giving and most thoughtful human I know. They are so special to me and I do wear them quite often.

Turquoise may perhaps be the oldest stone to date. It is a stone of protection and so appealing to the eye. Turquoise is a symbol of friendship, aids in spiritual attunement, brings peace to your home, a very personal and meaningful stone to whoever wears it. It's also a healing stone, honored by Native Americans.

This strong and opaque stone carries great wisdom of truth. It is one of the most versatile stones. One of my favorites to wear in any jewelry piece. From necklaces, rings, bracelets, hell I even have shoes with turquoise stones. All in all, Turquoise is the most magnificent stone since the beginning of time!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!

Peace & Love

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