Monday, May 30, 2016

Natural Product Haul

Hey  loves!!! I hope you all are enjoying your extra day of family, friends, or just plain ole relaxation.
I know I am! Well, I want to share a few of my new favorite natural care items that are now a staple in my day to day.

I am a big fan and user of Neem toothpaste already, so when I saw this particular brand by Himalaya with pomegranate, I had to try it out. Not a fan at all but will use it because I can't stand to be wasteful. Don't get me wrong! It's a great toothpaste but it's the flavor I don't care for. A bit of an aftertaste. I will stick to my regular ol' Neem.

I bought this Tom's Lavender deodorant after doing some research on  the usual name brands carrying aluminum. Which is bad for our overall health in general. It takes a minute to get used to but I have noticed a lightening under my arms (aluminum causes your under arms to darken) which is the natural shade I should be in this area.

Tip: dab unfiltered apple cider vinegar underneath clean underarms to lighten if you have unusual darkness.

Now this Botanicals body wash by Essence of Beauty in Eucalyptus Mint, also comes in Lavender, which I love! A little goes a long way. It lathers so good, smells divine and makes your skin feel great!

A couple of months ago I finished a bottle of  Natures Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails pills. Well for the life of me a week or so later, I couldn't figure out what was causing me to break out. My eating habits are the same as well as my water intake. Then I thought about these supplements. No bueno!!

After doing an ACV detox, deep cleaning my skin, etc. nothing seemed to work. I saw these Alba Botanica acne dote facial wipes while looking for a good face serum. Daily use of these medicated wipes has done wonders for my skin! I'm very happy with this purchase and it was much needed!

If your looking for natural care products, check these out! Have a wonderful day love!

Peace & Love
XO~ Katina

Himalaya Botanique Toothpaste- Amazon, Essence of Beauty, Tom's, Alba Botanicals- CVS Drugstore

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