Saturday, May 14, 2016


Hey loves! I trust you all are having a beautifully, blessed Saturday. Look forward to a brand new week of posts following. I decided to take some much needed time off of social media. Dealing with anxiety and depression is not easy, but I manage. When the weight of the world get's a bit much for me, I will do what's needed to get back in tune with self. There's too many voices out there that can be distractions, etc if we allow them too. 

The older I get, I'll cut someone or something out of my life without a second thought. Many may tend to question things beyond their control and it's not worth my sanity to do so. It's a must for me to keep my focus for my family and myself. Many will expect you to damn near be invincible. That may be a strength they see in you. Regardless, no one truly knows what your dealing with in life from the outside. Always know that you are human, and not beyond bending here and there. No matter what is going on in your life right now, know it's all preparation. 

People may come and go from your life, situations may change drastically, things will not always go in our favor.'s all preparing us for far better things. Each one of us has a greatness, just meant for us, and it will grow within our own time. It will be then that we will then reach our full potential. Without "life happening", the disappointment, the pain, adversity, confusion, etc, we won't appreciate the greatness once it arrives.

Sometimes being in darkness is not always a bad thing. That may be the only way to find your light.  It's okay to breakdown and fall, as long as you get back up. Keep pushing towards your desires. It's never too late to rebuild and refocus on what's important to YOU. Do what's best for you and chuck the rest.....Walk in your own truth. Loving yourself unapologetically, will help to love others in the same manner. Keep in mind, someone, somewhere is going through something that you have no clue of. Be kind to one another.

Much love to each and every one of you!  

Peace & Light 

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