Friday, April 15, 2016

Statement Pieces

Happy Friday loves!!! It's been a trying week and yes, we made it!! I make sure to have key statement pieces in my closet to mix and match many different outfits with. It's all about how you put what you have together. This bright royal blue maxi skirt (once a Target maxi summer dress) stands out on it's own. Bright, flowy and long.....the perfect look in a maxi. A simple diy with just a cut, and elastic sewn within the top for a great fit around the waist.

This faux leather biker jacket is also a key piece for this simple, sassy chic look. Paired with a men's v-neck tee, black laced sandals underneath all this skirt, and one of my fave necklaces to date. Remember band buttons, these little pin buttons we wore from back in the day!? Well, I did! Lol All the 80's 90's trends back in full effect! Oh how my kids wish I had all my belongings from back then! Mama stayed on it!

A good statement piece(s) is all you need to make anything work! They are a must have. Easier said sometimes, I know! Keep it simple!

Hope you all have a fab Friday!!!

Peace & Love 

(faux leather biker jacket- F21, necklace- Ebay, buttons- Urban Outfitters) 

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