Sunday, April 10, 2016

My Sleep Saviour

Hey loves!!! I have to share this amazing aromatherapy spray with you! It was one of the many special items my wonderful daughter Kalaeja sent back in my birthday package in February. She truly pays close attention to certain things I need for wellness and a piece of mind. She vibes to every beat of my drum. Anything unspoken, she knows it!

Now about the Lavender in this little bottle, it manages to bring a great big punch! I've struggled with insomnia for many, many years. Some months it's better than most but when I give a spray or two to my pillows, I enjoy the best most relaxing hours of sleep ever!

Truly this was a lifesaver. Now, the sad part is, sometimes I forget to use it! Now to purchase some rosemary essential oil to assist with my memory lol. I also have a deep love for lavender in general & purple is my favorite color. Looks like a win win situation.

Here's 7 ways Lavender oil benefits your body:

- reduces anxiety and emotional stress

- heals burns and wounds

- improves sleep

- restores skin complexion and reduces acne

-slows aging with powerful antioxidants

- improves eczema and psoriasis

- alleviates headaches

I highly suggest you look into some for yourself! Oh yeah! It smells divine!!!

Have a beautiful weekend loves!!!

Peace & Blessings

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