Monday, April 4, 2016

Brights + Stripes

Happy Monday loves!!! It definitely feels like Spring has finally arrived! It's such a beautiful day and my outfit definitely reads my mood! There's no telling when Mother Nature will decide to switch up on us, so I'm soaking up all I can of today's sunshine.

Had to go into the closet archives for this bright yellow blazer. Yellow is such a pretty spring/summer color that I plan to incorporate more of within my outfits.

This diy skirt was previously one of my favorite vintage dresses that I cut (yes I'm always cutting and revamping my clothing), and I loooove it!! It's so light and flowy, not to mention the bright pretty colors. I went with a plain white, mens v-neck t-shirt, and these faux suede heels in "Seafoam" for that added chic flair. Topped off this look with this hot lip pencil by Rimmel called Red Diva.

I'm so ready for backless sundresses, shorts & fun in the sun!! Looking forward to some amazing months ahead! I hope you all have a fabulous week. Don't let these beautiful days ahead get away from you! Whether it be sun, rain, or in some cases snow....each day is life!

Peace & blessings

( heels-JustFab, blazer- H&M )

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  1. ...Always cutting up something!!!! I could've used the whole dang on dress :( . Regardless you still look HOT as ever my SEXY SISTER. I love and miss you very much