Monday, March 21, 2016

Good Vibes Always

Hey loves! This past weekend was a bit tough for me as my anxiety peeked it's ugly head. I wasn't in much of a mood for anything and just needed a peace of mind. One minute I can feel up, the next minute way down. As I bend just a bit from time to time, I can not, nor will ever allow myself to break. All it takes is to look at or hear the voice (s) of any one of these 4 beautiful faces, along with a very special one to bring me back. 

I have to take a moment, gather my thoughts, regroup and remind myself that I too need to take those necessary timeouts. I can't always force myself to be okay and that is okay! Movement, awareness & circumstances can change pretty quickly. I carry out every day seeking something positive. The challenges faced day to day are an uphill battle. One that can be conquered.

No matter the depth of the reach, living daily is most positive enough. Most times, a bit of self evaluation helps to center ourselves as a new day begins. Honor all feelings. It means your in tune with self, and that's the most important thing you can do. Never forget, this day too shall pass. I hope you all have a blessed and fabulous week ahead!

Peace & Blessings XOXO

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  1. ....hhhhhhmmmm, for anxiety to be peeking it's ugly head, YOU still look fantasterastic and relaxed!!!! That must be ginger water you're drinking? Have you tasted those Ginger Seltzers from Bev Mo?? They are frickin amazing