Monday, January 4, 2016

NYE Masquerade Mask

Hey loves!!!! My creative side kicked in right on time for me to make a masquerade mask for a NYE party. Just in time is more like it....about 12 pm to be exact! Lol. It's so much fun to put those bits of you in action. Regardless of what it may be, we all have that side of us we may not dip into much. Having a 6 year old brings about quite a bit that my adult self may have been sleeping on. I came up with an idea to create feather masks. We have a lot of arts & crafts so why not use em right! So, being my favorite color is purple, I had to have one that was so. I was so hype my little girl had purple feathers and more! This combo of blue/purple is so pretty together. With the right items it was simple and quick! Fun times with my mini are very necessary!

Give it a telling what you may want to create next! ;)

Happy Monday y'all!!!

Peace & Blessings XOXO

All you need:

plain masks or colored (doesn't matter if they have gems, it will all be covered anyway)
super glue (not that elementary school glue)
a variety of feathers

This glue will be the answer to EVERYTHANG!!! Purchased at my local Dollar Tree store


Use the newspaper to do your project on top of. Cut feathers away from stem if there is one. If they are already loose that's great.
Coat the entire outer mask. Don't overdue it! If you move a little slow, do have of the mask as you go. ;)
Place the feathers to your liking covering every section of glue on your mask. If you layer a bit, as I did, squeeze a little more glue on top of the feather you'll be covering with the next feather.
Allow your mask time to dry completely. Easy peasy! Most importantly, HAVE FUN WITH IT!!!

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