Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Importance of Having a Great Mother/Daughter Bond

Being a mother is the greatest gift that any woman should be honored to give to the Universe. As I reflect on my close relationships with my children, I especially focus on this little gem right here. As I watch my youngest child grow into this strong, silly, energetic, smart, sweet yet sensitive, adventurous, fun, inquisitive, fashionable, loving, little stubborn, gorgeous, challenging human being, I couldn't imagine anything better.

She is a force to be reckoned with at this age unlike her eldest siblings. The times have changed tremendously. She's definitely on her own page.

I cherish every moment I'm able to teach her, keep her protected and vibe with her on a different level than when my eldest daughter was her age. A different time indeed! I've grown and matured into an entire other soul that I am able to be certain of my parental path with her. There's no Parent Handbook to get this thang right!

 In life, we live...we learn. We talk, learn new things day to day together, yoga, cook, bake, play, search for insects & animals, take walks, moon watch, she's my photographer, we also enjoy our pampering days, which is a must. We love to read and search any and everything that peaks our interest. She's my assistant through it all. It's imperative that I show her the great woman I am and will continue to become, because I'm not even all the way there yet. Our children are a deep reflection of us.

It's very important to carry that closeness with our girls, be open with them, teach them to embrace every little thing about themselves as they are looking up to us for it all. Whether it's about our heritage, boys (lawd 1 day far far away), education, current events, life, soul food (not the edible kind), health, wellness, etc., I try to maintain a fun loving relationship but never loosing that parental aspect of it all. We can be close as close can be, but I will forever be MOM!

I want her to carry her strength & knowledge throughout life and know she can do any and everything she wants to do. Learning to invent for herself, who & what she will become. As long as I carry breath in my lungs, I will be here for it all. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

I've been so blessed to grow in a manner I'm proud of. The wisdom I now hold, will direct her in a better manner. With my eldest daughter gone and spreading her wings in life, I am so proud of the young woman she has become. She carries so much strength and knowledge that I just sit back and smile. There's not a day to go by that we don't talk, text, send each other hilarious screenshots, information to search, book titles, movies, events, you name it!

We cry, we laugh, BOY DO WE LAUGH, we fuss, we encourage and support. Who said raising Queens was easy breezy! It's our responsibility to steer our children in a positive manner to become the amazing beings they are already destined to become.

Peace & Blessings

Hat- F21, Furry Cardigan, Tunic, Skinny jeans- H & M, Boots- Children's Place

She chose our outfits for today
My boots- Franco Sarto, Skinny jeans, Tunic- F21, Turban- Etsy, Blue Croc Faux Leather Clutch- Marshall's, Sunnies- Vintage

Oh I just love her to pieces!

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