Monday, December 7, 2015

My 7 Day Herbal Detox

Happy Monday loves!!! So, ladies! I must share this amazing natural herbal detox & plant based diet cleansing system I purchased from  As most of you know, I live by a healthy eating regime already. So, this plant based diet was like second nature to me. Easy peasy! I love the fact that each herbal blend is packaged 4 oz individually. They each contain the exact amount of loose herbs you need to add into your tea ball infuser (included, not pictured) to boil before drinking. One thing to know is, you will have to follow the guidelines that are listed for you for intended results. That also in tells drinking lots of water. Preferably, alkaline, distilled or spring. Again, this is something I do all day everyday. The MOST DIFFICULT thing for me was dropping my good ole Organic Peets coffee! Lawd!!! Great adjustment though. I opted for the 7 day cleanse. I'm now thinking about going further with the 14 day to follow. Her prices are very affordable with many natural products offered on her site.

You will begin your morning with the Mind & Spirit Herbal Blend, followed by Healthy Yoni Herbal Blend, Belly Buster Botanicals and last but not least, Cleansing Herbal Blend
I have noticed a clearer mind and energy level was definitely increased. That 3rd eye chakra opener along with my morning meditation was very enlightening as well. Ladies we all know there are so many different instances that can through our ph balance out of whack! The Yoni Blend aids in balancing your hormones amongst other things. The Belly Buster is a fiber blend so expect regularity & less bloating. Now that Cleansing Herbal Blend is erythang! A liver detox, colon cleanse, etc. 

All in all, I feel livelier, less bloated and sluggish. It's very necessary to sustain a complete cleansing from the inside out! You can't just work on your exterior and alone and walk around with a shit load of things going on within. Your health should be number 1!! I even took a much needed timeout on social media. Sometimes life brings you to carry out every sense of the word DETOX! Including people! Rid all the bad, draining energy in your lives. At this day and age, I don't do much thinking about it, I just do it! You only have one life to live. Focusing on change can be very good! Especially when it's all in the positive. So take these good vibes and head over to You can also find this lovely soul on Instagram @goddessbody.

Hope you all have a fabulous week ahead! XOXO


  1. Wow, you have a plethora of information in promoting or sustaining ones health!!! Although some things I actively practiced, coming to your blog has not only given me more knowledge but I feel empowered to push myself to the next level. God has Blessed you with the desire to not only know more and implement but to share your gifts with others so that they too will achieve a healthier self "inside and out". Time for me to catch up on my reading and "Detox"!!!!!
    I love you ~

  2. Aaw *tears! Thank you so much! I truly appreciate this! I must also say I enjoy doing whatever I can big or small to help others. Health is wealth. Look forward for much more to come!
    I love you! XOXO