Monday, December 21, 2015

A new staple in my stash!

Happy Monday loves!!! The hardest thing for us natural hair gals, is to find a hair product that our kinks and curls will fall in love with. It's all trial and error. Which in turn gets quite pricey and can be very discouraging. I must say, after many products that I've used, this Curly Curl Cream by Taliah Waajid made this curly girl very happy indeed! This is actually the thickest cream I've used. Seems to be, my mane LOVES thick curl creams. Not only does it smell absolutely delightful, it does everything you read on the jar. After shampooing & deep conditioning my hair, I towel dried, then applied a good amount into the palm of my hand and rubbed throughout my twa. My hair is extremely moisturized, conditioned and most important, no sticky residue! I hate for a product to leave visible and or a sticky feel of build up in my hair. The following day, my hair still feels extremely soft and conditioned. This I purchased at my local drugstore, but can also be found on Oh, did I mention it's less than $10! Yep!!! That part! ;)

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