Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Denim & Plaid

Hey loves! My style usually varies to my moods so today I was extra chill and relaxed. Simple and chic is me to a tee! Plus it was high winds and absolutely freezing today! I've had this Beanie Veil for several months and completely forgot about it. Although I'm not a fan of this veil piece, I wore it to show what it looks like. I know it's a bit hard to see in the pics but hey, I tried. After I wore it, I ended up cutting it off, now its a plain ole beanie that I will line the inside with satin to protect my natural hair. Always utilize what you got! Anyway, I Purchased it off Etsy and I can't recall with whom I purchased from. Sorry about that but I'm sure, if interested, you will absolutely find one just by searching on there! So, today I kept it really simple, yet cute in a pair of skinny Express jeans (diy), black tee, my favorite fuzzy warm cardigan from H&M, boots purchased from TJMaxx long ago that I diy'd by cutting down. Prior to, they were mid calf. Over-sized long Plaid button from Old Navy up for the win.

Have a good one folks! ;) 

Old Clutch- Macy's

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