Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Are you still brushing with fluoride toothpaste?

Hey loves!!! Happy Veterans Day to all! So many months ago I decided on doing some research on fluoride in our toothpaste. I wasn't too keen on the effectiveness (using that term loosely) these many toothpastes had any longer. I began having problems with my teeth sometime after I had my last child which is now six. I was told it all was tied into pregnancy and the changes our lovely bodies endure. Okay, well I wasn't feeling that bs! This is my fourth child (now 6 yrs) and now my teeth decide to give me hell & do their own thang! Naw! I wasn't buying it! Granted, our bodies do something way different each pregnancy, and I did need to have some minor things done such as fillings, etc., but blame it on the pregnancy which was long over 2 years prior?

Yeah...okay! My brain starts to going, so I associated my migraines not only from stress but from the pain I was having in my teeth. I then came across an article on on The Toxic Fluoride Toothpaste. Tony Lees, a dentist for 40 yrs from Herefordshire in Britain says, " In the scale of toxicity, fluoride is between arsenic & lead". Fluoride in toothpaste is more harmful than good. He believes fluoride should be banned from all toothpastes and water. Well that really had me, on top of the other things I already knew of. 

Within my healthy living and all natural products, I tripped on why in the hell am I still brushing with toothpaste! I decided to toss any toothpaste in my household and purchase Neem. It's 100% fluoride FREE. Complete care with key ingredients Mint , Black Seed, Baking Soda, Neem Leaves, & Cloves. This particular toothpaste is a new 5 in 1. It naturally strengthens enamel and teeth, removes stains, keeps them shining, maximum refresh breath and whitens teeth. This tastes damn good too! The family adjusted without any questions. I've truly noticed a huge difference in a matter of weeks. Whiter teeth, fresh breath even after my morning coffee, teeth are so smooth throughout the day. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn't require much at all. Wake up people! Do your own research and make better choices for your health if you haven't already. Change does wonders! Look for fluoride free toothpaste in your local Health Food stores or online.

Your mouth will seriously thank you!!! :)

*Natural Herbal benefit of ingredients

Mint - freshens breath, whitens teeth, germ defense, inhibits the growth of bacteria in the mouth and cleans tongue and teeth
Black Seed - an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory
Baking Soda - eliminates surface stains and brightens teeth, removes plaque deposits from teeth
Neem Leaves - prevent and heal gum disease, prevent cavaties, freshen the breath, reduce plaque, enhance mouth immunity
Cloves- fights germs and prevents tooth decay and cavaties, it's analgesic action help relieve toothaches

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