Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I feel pretty, oh so PRETTY!!!

Hey loves!!! I'm really particular with what I put on my skin, being my face is very sensitive. I have combination skin, which drives me nuts! Especially during these summer months. It's been like 1,000 degrees where I live and sweating like I'm posted in a sauna daily is not my thing! YES! To fall approaching! So, at one point I was spending ridiculous amounts of moolah on unnecessarily expensive skincare products expecting those products (we won't name names) to do the job. Welp! Not so much! I had a cabinet full of brand name stuff, sitting looking at me and I was pissed off looking at them! Okay, fast forward to today! Times have changed, money not quite the same, and I can't go frivolously throwing out bills because so and so has a new product out! Sometime in May, I won a skincare giveaway on Instagram with Luminance Skincare. They are a cruelty free, vegan company with a bit of everything! I received the facial cleanser, skin lotion, rose geranium handcrafted soap, sea buckthorn powder & cranberry powder from Arctic Power Berries. These are the most lightest, smoothing, non drying products I've ever used. So refreshing after every use. Not to mention the delivery was uber fast and Shayane is the sweetest, most attentive person within a company I've the pleasure of sharing words with through email. Another lovely thing is, the skin lotion can be applied prior to your makeup application. Being my skin tends to get oily in most areas, I have to use a primer as well if applying makeup to my entire face. Ugh! Annoying! I do plan on giving some other products Luminance has a try in the near future. You can find them on IG @luminanceskincare

All my giveaway goodies!

I decided to try out Freeman products as I was looking around in my neighborhood drugstore at CVS one day. I purchased the Cucumber Peel-Off Mask. Loooovvvee! It definitely "clarifies & renews skin" as it says. Smells delicious! Skin cooling, perfect for combination skin. Recently I went for the Dead Sea Minerals Anti-Stress Clay Facial Mask. For starters I love this blue sea color! It says it's use is to smooth skin & deep cleans pores, for all skin types. This product made my skin glow & feel as soft as a baby's bottom! It dries on your skin after application, then you simply rinse off thoroughly with cool water. My next purchases to try out are the Charcoal & Brown Sugar Polishing Mask, Coconut Glow Leave-On Bronzing Mask, & the Facial Hydration Mask Goji Berry. To my knowledge Freeman Products are cruelty free. I will do further research as it's very important to me what goes on my skin. If you know of & have used any vegan, cruelty free products that one break the bank, DO TELL! :)

I had to refrain from smiling to prevent cracking my mask! Felt like I was in make-up for Avatar! 

Don't mind the Shea Moisture African Black Soap, stay tuned for  my next review! ;)

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